How Bioenergetics Works


Within each cell your DNA emits a specific, vibrational frequency. When those frequencies fall out of balance from stress, toxins, or negative thought patterns then mental and physical dis-ease can manifest in the body.

Furthermore, when frequencies are in balance, the body can heal itself and remain resilient – free from sickness and dis-ease.

Bioenergetics influence your body at the cellular level. The corrective frequencies remind your cells to vibrate at their natural or original state through sympathetic resonance.


What is the Law of Sympathetic Resonance?

“Like attracts like. According to the universal law of Affinity, two similar frequencies will attract each other and begin to harmonize together, through the law of Sympathetic Resonance. In other words, light waves that vibrate to the same frequency will be drawn together.”

This is the same law by which the frequencies in your body are able to quickly return to their natural state of being. Your cells awaken when they are given the frequencies that are inherent to their original and highest function.

“Furthermore, you will draw things to you in your life, which reflect the frequencies in your being. You are painting your life with your frequency choices. The frequencies in your life are bringing in events, people, feelings, and things that are a reflection of your frequency choices. You are designing your life at this moment. You are either consciously choosing frequencies, or you are unconsciously choosing them…”

Consciously choosing frequencies that support your “perfect life” can now be realized with today’s cutting edge technologies offered in Bioenergetics.

Source – “The Frequency: Fulfill all Your Wishes by Manifesting With Vibrations” by Linda West  

Tesla & Bioenergetics

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

This is a powerful quote form Nikola Tesla that states everything is vibration. We need to begin to look at things from a perspective of frequency and vibration in order to truly understand our bodies, the world and the cosmos.

Essentially, this was the premise that Tesla used for his invention of the Tesla Coil. His research and inventions were suppressed in his day and time, but we are now beginning to take his discoveries out of the closet in this new day and age of energy awareness.  Click here for more on Tesla.


The Luc Montagnier Experiment

Modern day scientist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Luc Montagnier, may be better known for his discovery of the HIV virus. Yet, among his most recent endeavors has been his groundbreaking research in the field of bioenergetics and its influence upon the building blocks of DNA.

Through his experiments, he has proven that DNA emits a specific vibratory frequency and can rebuild itself through frequency alone.

EXPERIMENT: In one of his most compelling experiments he begins with two vials of sterilized water. One is infused with a specific DNA and the other remains only water. He places both vials inside a conductive coil and transmits 7 Hz frequency through the coil that the vials are resting in. This frequency is transmitted for 18 hours. Incredibly, at the end of the experiment the vial that previously had water only now has the same DNA of the other vial! Frequencies are life. Your life matters, but is not made up of matter. It’s made of frequencies that you can consciously choose to live your best life!

To learn more about Luc Montagnier and his fascinating experiments and discoveries watch this video.


The Groundbreaking Discoveries of Royal Rife.

Royal Rife created the Rife machine in the 1920’s – otherwise known as the Rife Frequency Generator which produces low-energy waves. These waves, also known as radio frequency electromagnetic fields, have been proven to be far safer than high-energy waves such as X-rays or chemotherapy. In fact, these low-energy waves have even shown to have great healing and therapeutic effects on cells when matched with the right frequency.

Rife reported that each disease has a particular oscillatory rate of vibration. The low-energy frequency waves produced by a Rife Machine are able to match the oscillation rate of pathogens resulting in effectively “killing” the disease. This happens through the law of sympathetic resonance.

For example, it’s the same principle in the instance of a glass shattering when a singer hits the same, yet heightened, frequency of the glass. The glass vibrates rigorously due to the same frequency being sung and then breaks. Video on shattering glass experiment.

Rife was far ahead of his time in the study of bioenergetics. Decades after his research, books such as Barry Lynes’ “The Cancer Cure That Worked” revitalized the interest in Rife’s claims that sadly had been suppressed during his lifetime.

Since then, Rife Machines have been used to treat some of the most difficult diseases. Studies have established that the low frequency waves generated by the Rife Machine do not affect normal cells – only the pathogenic cells are affected.


Masaru Emoto and His Water Experiment

One of the most amazing experiments in the area of bioenergetics comes from Masaru Emoto. He demonstrated the effect that vibration has upon water, one of the most important building blocks of life. In his experiments, he exposed water to many different words, emotions, phrases and vibrations. Afterwards, he froze the water, and with a very powerful microscope, analyzed the water crystals. The results were mind-blowing! Words like love, peace, harmony and wisdom resulted in beautiful snowflake-like mandalas and negative words like hate, fear and rage looked chaotic and mangled.

The words we use have powerful vibrations that produce significant outcomes, positive or negative. You have the power to choose the outcome you desire and profoundly affect your life as well as all the life around you.


The Emotional Energy Spectrum

“What we think of as emotion is the experience of energy moving through the body.” – Anonymous

In Latin, emotion, or ’emotere’ literally means energy in motion.  What we feel as emotion is actually our interpretation of the kind of energy that is flowing through our bodies.

Researcher, Barbara Frederickson describes the differentiation of emotion as an upward spiral that correlates to a feeling of calm, peace and expansion and a downward spiral that associates with a feeling of tension and contraction. Emotion is actually neutral. It is the feeling sensation and physiological reaction that makes a specific emotion positive or negative. Feeling is what you label as anger, sadness, joy or fear. It is then your interpretations or thoughts about emotional energy that give it meaning.

We interpret the vibration that is flowing through us to determine what we feel. When we realize that we have the choice to cultivate a low or high vibration, we can then have the power in our hands to navigate the feelings that arise within us.

Frequency therapy reminds our cells of their natural vibration, attunes our emotions and feelings to a higher state of consciousness and helps us to release the tension and stress that may keep us stuck in negative cycles. Each emotion that we feel isn’t good or bad, it’s typically the result of the frequency that is flowing through us at that particular time. If we can consciously recognize the frequency and frequency type, then choose to change that frequency to a higher one, we can shift our moods and sustain long-term joy and health.  

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