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Frequency Treatment Protocol

Since frequency therapy works with the subtle energy body, the body’s energy can only shift at a gradual rate per session. Best results are attained when frequency therapy is part of a daily routine, along with healthy lifestyle choices such as proper nutrition and movement.

It’s best to not exceed one hour of frequency therapy for any one session. For maximum benefits, frequency therapy should be done in 15-30 minute sessions, at a maximum amount of two times per day.

Furthermore, frequency therapy may help to remove toxins during and after each session. Some may feel changes after their first treatment, however more frequent changes may be felt over time.

We suggest using a bone conducting headset while listening to frequencies for maximum benefit. Below are some links to purchase a headset. If you’re unable to buy one at this time, any headset will still yield great results. 

1. Wired Headset (recommended)
2. Wireless Headset

Hypoxia / Low Oxygen

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